Wear fair clothing and make the world a bit better. We donate a part of our net earnings to a good cause – you decide in which area!

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"Once you have found the purpose in your life, every decision leads closer to the goal."


As simple as this wisdom may sound, its implementation poses a major challenge to millions of people around the world. Some aspire a professional position for years, while others set their challenging goals at the personal level. Whether these ambitions can be achieved remains irrelevant for the moment. We want to focus much more on ensuring that all people strive for success. Regardless of their size, they give us an unmistakably good feeling.


However, world-renowned problems such as famine, child labor and poaching remain present to this day. Why does no one take up this purpose, you wonder? A person alone can fight for this purpose in life, but in order to really achieve something, it needs us all!


In this blog you will regularly learn about the fields of activity of the support organizations, current reports as well as tips and tricks for a more sustainable existence.