The Purpose of Purpose

As the name suggests, PURPOSE is meant to serve a purpose. We are not concerned with any turnover figures, but with the well-being of the world. In this way, as many people as possible should benefit from our products, from farmers in the field to production employees and our customers. And others who are not as well off as us.


 We are tired of having to talk about problems such as hunger, poverty and animal deaths. According to the motto: "mach öppis*"(*do something in Swissgerman) we want to do something about it instead of just talking! 


But to make a real difference, it needs us all! That's why we offer you the opportunity to fight the extreme inequality with fair-produced, affordable fashion in your everyday life. We do this by donating 20% of our net earnings to an area of your choice!


Your skin and the environment are very important to us! Therefore, our clothing is only made from organic and/or recycled materials. This means that neither genetically modified plants nor any pesticides are used in our manufacturing process. In addition, we save a lot of water, the production of organic cotton, for example, consumes about 40% less than that of conventional cotton.


Fairness plays a decisive role for us. This is renot only reflected in our sales prices, but also in our production. In order to ensure the safety of all employees, we work very closely with the Fear Wear Foundation. This means that strict codes of conduct apply and that partner companies are checked for compliance during daily visits.


The commitment to the welfare of the animal world starts on our own doorstep. All our clothing, except what is manufacture by hand in Switzerland, are certified as vegan by PETA. However, we can ensure that no animals are exploited or even injured in our production process.


We are aware of the environmental impact. As a result, our production partner collects data from across the whole supply chain to better understand and work to minimize impacts. All factories are also equipped with state-of-the-art wastewater treatment machinary that removes toxic elements and ensures that the water can be reused.